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how we source nurtures

Data Analysis
Don’t waste your time sifting through thousands of unqualified buyers/sellers. Phone Animal filters out the trash so you can spend more time focused on the highest ROI activities.

Proven Formula

Phone Animal does both outbound and inbound lead generation to procure qualified home buyers and sellers for Real Estate Agents and Lenders. Our agents are trained to handle cold neighborhood seller prospecting as well as inbound buyer inquiries. We consistently respond to inquiries within 5 minutes, pre-qualify opportunities for your pipeline, and set appointments when appropriate.

Proven Call Lists
ISA Trained and Hired
Phone Animal's industry renowned training and recruiting staff ensures that the ISA calling to source leads is the best in the industry.

Hands on Training and Recruiting

Each new hire is then put through an intensive training program and further tested until they are able to role play our scripts to perfection before we put them on the phones. Ongoing training and education ensures their skills and scripts continue to stay top notch and improve the finer skills like mirror/matching, pacing, and embedded commands.

Hands on Training and Recruiting
Metrics and Accountability
Our Inside Sales agents are on the phones all day sourcing the highest quality leads in real estate. We monitor key metrics to ensure consistent results.


We track EVERYTHING. We know the most important factor to the success of any ISA is in the time on task. We also know we must ensure the right metrics are in place to measure their success! We monitor Dials, Response Times, Contact Rates, Nurture/Contact Rates, Contact/Appointment Rates and ensure our ISAs have the tools and technology they need to be successful in any market.

Consistent Valuations
Quality Assurance
Tired of getting junk leads? Phone Animal's quality assurance team verifies that each lead is not just a lead but a Quality NURTURE.

Call Monitoring with a Purpose

Once our ISA's source a nurture they are sent to our quality assurance team to make sure you are getting the highest quality information. Each nurture is checked for accurate contact information, our nurture criteria and legitimacy.

Call Recordings reviewed
Receive your nurtures straight to your email, CRM and dashboard once sourced.

Mobile and Desktop viewable

In real time, you will receive an email with the nurture information. That info will also be available on your Phone Animal dashboard and will sync with supported CRMs

Delivered to your email or login to our web application